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PCR-SSP was performed in 20 μL of the reaction mixture containing 0.5 units of TaKaRa Taq Hot Start DNA polymerase, 2 μL of 10× PCR buffer, 0.2 mM dNTPs, one of the forward primers for PCR-SSP and a reverse primer for the first PCR, each at a final concentration of 300 nM, and 0.3 ng template For donor selection in hematopoetic stem cell transplantation, two-digit sequence-specific oligonucleotide (SSO) typing may be sufficient in the related sibling transplant setting. However, SSO Sequence-Specific Primed PCR (PCR-SSP) Typing of HLA Class I and Class II Alleles | SpringerLink Moreover, PCR-SSP-typing is suitable for haplotyping of neighbouring SNPs; furthermore, the presence of two alleles on one chromosome can be demonstrated when two appropriate allele-specific primers are combined in a single PCR-reaction. Consequently, complete typing of three neighbouring biallelic SNPs requires twelve PCR-reactions! PCR-SSP is a widely used method for the typing of HLA alleles. Most methods require agarose electrophoresis in the presence of ethidium bromide following PCR to identify PCR products.

Pcr-ssp typing

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KKD-TYPE användning av Sequence Specific Primers (SSP)-PCR (se fig. 1). Sekvensbaserad typning av PCR-amplifierade exoner av HLA-gener är ett sekvensspecifika primerförlängningsproduktanalyser (SSP) har också använts för. Output format. html, text, asciidoc, rtf.


Not as fast as PCR‐SSP and batch testing 2. Semi‐automated 2. Cumbersome assay (Lifecodes quicker) 3.

Pcr-ssp typing

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Currently, PCR-SSP, PCR-SSOP, and PCR-SBT are the most widely used HLA typing methods allow a medium- or high-resolution throughput. The accuracy of these HLA typing methods is critical in medical applications, and in the transplantation of organs and tissues, if there is no correct pairing, it will lead to dangerous rejection. Molecular Typing for the MHC With PCR-SSP Rev Immunogenet. 1999;1(2):157-76. Authors K Welsh 1 , M Bunce.

Designed to address the diverse needs of HLA labs, our molecular product family includes Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), sequence-based typing (SBT), Real-Time PCR (qPCR), sequence-specific primers (SSP), and reverse sequence-specific oligonucleotides (rSSO). Typing results of PCR‐SSP, different from that of serology, were all confirmed by sequencing‐based typing of HLA‐DRB1 alleles. HLA‐DQ 1–3 typings were performed on 40 individuals consisting of 17 patients and 23 healthy individuals.
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DNA extraction. Dispensing primer mixes. Setting up PCR-SSP using TDMH buffer.

We have developed a semi-automated sequence specific primer (SSP) PCR method for clinical HLA typing and compared the test results with those from a commercial method.
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Handbook of HLA Typing Techniques - Kam M Hui, Jeffrey L Bidwell

The kits contain a validated and IVD-CE-certified Taq polymerase to improve your result. HLA-Ready Gene - The SSP-PCR System. Integrated detection of the nullalleles A*24:09N, B*51:11N, C*04:09N, DRB4*01:03:01:02N, DRB5*01:08N. Integreated negative control. Short analysis due to allele specific amplification. Regular update of allele list. HLA typing by sequence-specific oligonucleotides probes (PCR-SSOP) Example of hybridization specificity with SSO probes.